Don't delay retirement

Don’t Delay Retirement: Put A Plan In Motion

People are retiring later and later in life, and missing out on the sixties…the best decade of your life! There are many reasons that cause people to delay retirement, but most are unnecessary and can be avoided with a strategic financial plan. Keep reading to find out more about utilizing your financial plan to prepare you for a happy, comfortable, on-time (or even early) retirement.

In order to avoid delaying your retirement, it’s vital to set yourself up for long-term wealth enjoyment. Just because you make a good income during your career and save money for retirement  (in the traditional sense) does not mean you will retire on time. In fact, many of our clients (particularly dentists) are doing both of these things and still retiring later—closer to age 70. If you are doing everything “right” according to the traditional method of retirement planning, why are you having to delay retirement to stay afloat?


Factors that delay retirement 

First, professionals pursuing higher education delay entering the workforce, naturally cutting down on the number of years they will have over the course of their career to accumulate wealth. Once you are finally in the workforce, it is likely that you have several large financial obligations such as student loans, purchasing a home, or starting a family. 

Additionally, many people do not understand the exponential curve of life and its impact on long-term wealth building, which can also slow down wealth creation and push out retirement. There are three phases of the curve (accumulation, distribution, and conservation), which are dynamically connected and intertwined. It is important to look beyond wealth accumulation and understand that your money decisions throughout life will affect multiple, if not all, of these phases. 


The role of your Financial Treatment Plan

In order to overcome these factors that delay retirement, you must have a dynamic Financial Treatment Plan in place. This plan should be set up long before you are ready to retire, and it is incredibly important to look at this plan holistically and at a macro-level. Nothing works in a vacuum, and your financial decisions in each area of your plan affect the others, including your retirement. A Financial Treatment Plan will help you make the right decisions with every dollar that comes into your life by positioning it to benefit your long-term wealth.

You deserve to be able to retire on time without stressing over your finances. Learn more about our philosophy and the importance of a Financial Treatment Plan in our book, Your Retirement Smile. You can also learn more about our services on our website, and give us a call to schedule a consultation to discuss your financial future!