Your Retirement Smile

The Treatment Plan for Pay Cut Prevention In Your Golden Years

Take control of your financial future and build wealth for a fear-free retirement!

There are no financial planning courses in dental or medical school and many new doctors are more worried about starting and running their business than they are about their long-term financial future. This gives traditional financial advisors the perfect opportunity to swoop in and whip up a cookie-cutter plan that might not even accumulate enough wealth to sustain you in retirement and enjoy retirement to its fullest.

Though this is a common pattern, it’s not something you have to accept. Tim Streid and Dr. Mart McClellan have dedicated their careers to helping health professionals create financial plans that build wealth with less risk and more enjoyment than traditional plans. They use unconventional, yet proven economic techniques to achieve outstanding results for their clients and they want to share their message with America.

Americans do not realize they are heading for a significant pay-cut in retirement. Your Retirement Smile is the answer to positioning your wealth to have full income replacement in retirement. Tim and Mart’s retirement planning book shows you what it means to plan for your financial future with the big picture in mind. The methods described in this book work for everyone, not just those in the health professions.

Financial success comes from having the “big” picture in mind with every decision that you make. Learn how to use macro-focused decision-making to plan for a successful, fulfilling retirement, instead of a mediocre one! Take back your finances and your future with a holistic financial model based on proven evidence-based principles, not hype or opinions.

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