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"The ‘same old, same old’ when it comes to finances does not have to be accepted, nor should it be."

Tim Streid and Dr. Mart McClellan are experts in the financial services industry with a focus in the dental community. They built their firm, Macro Wealth Management, on planning and investment methods based on proven economic principles that have stood the test of time. They have years of experience helping others attain and maintain full income replacement in retirement, a concept that is rarely heard in traditional financial circles.

Tim and Mart are passionate about sharing this knowledge with others so they too can have the stress-free retirement they’ve always wanted. Before they ever went into business together, Tim and Mart teamed up to share their message with the dental community. Experienced and captivating presenters, they have spoken to audiences at national and regional conferences, dental schools, hospitals, study clubs, on podcasts, national webinars, and internationally. They have also delivered keynote addresses.

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“We have all heard what we are supposed to do with our finances. Some of it we act on. Most of it we don’t. Mart has a fresh and inspiring exploration of your financial wellbeing. One that sees with new eyes at any level of your financial journey. He is not just telling you how to do it, he has done it. He is not just sticking with the traditional recommendations, he is finding a new path. A path that can create wealth and safety at any stage of your work cycle. His financial wisdom is a breath of fresh air. You can count on seeing new choices for your money after his presentation.”

Melanie Mills
Speaker | Strategist | Executive Ally,
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Mart McClellan brings a unique perspective to the financial advisory profession because he is not only a financial advisor, but also a practicing dentist. Mart is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others so they too can have the stress-free retirement they’ve always wanted.

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