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Macro Wealth Management is unique in that it is the only financial advisory firm in America that uses a proven, evidence-based economic system and has a dentist as an advisor on the team!  Tim Streid and Dr. Mart McClellan offer a wide array of financial services to meet your future wants and desires from a wealth standpoint. Their methods are based on established economic principles rather than the latest popular opinions and have withstood the test of time through the different economic environments!

Tim and Mart know how to make your money work harder and more efficiently, allowing you to accumulate, preserve, and enjoy your wealth now and in the future.

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  • Retirement Planning

    Macro Wealth Management specializes in helping individuals and families create retirement plans that allow them to live a full, stress-free life. They also establish and manage 401k plans for dental practices all across America!

  • Retirement Income Planning:

    Income planning for retirement is rarely discussed in the financial planning world, yet it is Macro Wealth Management’s strong point and emphasis of their book Your Retirement Smile. Their evidence-based strategies can give you full income replacement in retirement with guarantees to never run out of money.

  • Asset Management

    Macro Wealth Management utilizes Nobel-prize winning research to structure their investment portfolios (mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and bonds). This allows you to grow your wealth while maintaining reasonable levels of risk. You and your advisor will work together to implement a strategy that meets your short- and long-term investing goals.

  • Insurance Analysis

    Insurance is the moat or protection around your financial castle, yet most individuals do not truly understand what they own. Tim and Mart will do an in-depth analysis of all your insurance coverages and make sure they are what you want to protect you and your family, especially in the event of lawsuit, death or disability.

  • Charitable and Estate Planning

    Giving to charity is a great way to enhance an estate plan. In fact, including charity in your estate plan will not only help the cause, but increase the retirement income of the donor and not disinherit the heirs. These are unique estate planning strategies that Macro Wealth Management utilizes for their clients.

  • Practice Transition Analysis

    Since most dentists are small business owners, our unique value proposition is that we can help dentists understand the best ways to utilize the funds that they receive upon sale of their practice for ultimate retirement income. Being in the dental industry and understanding retirement income planning will provide additional verification to the benefits of how a practice sale is structured.

  • Long-term Care Planning

    Long-term care costs can decimate a family’s finances and planning for those potential costs is essential. Assisted living and nursing home care are expensive, and Medicare doesn’t cover most long-term care costs. Macro Wealth Management can help you make a plan that will cover the costs of long-term care you might need in the future.

  • Estate Planning

    Whether you are leaving your wealth to your family, friends, or a cause you believe in, it’s important to have a detailed plan in place for passing it on. The right plan helps mitigate the impact of estate or inheritance taxes and leaves a larger legacy for future generations. This is why your wills and trusts need to be properly coordinated with your entire financial plan.

  • Additional Services Offered Include:

    • College Funding
    • Risk Management
    • Tax analysis and strategies