Are you financially ready for retirement?

Take Dr. Mart McClellan and Tim Streid’s short quiz to see if you could benefit from their financial strategies and prevent taking a pay cut in retirement!

You’re constantly working hard to accumulate more wealth to get you through your retirement years. You probably have a vision of how the money put away today could serve you and your family in the future. But, are you confident that you will have enough saved to live out your dreams?

The field of wealth management is dominated by advisors trying to sell “the next big thing” to fill their wallet. Most people don’t have the financial education they need to properly weigh the choices presented to them. Over time, all of their assets and insurances become disorganized, uncoordinated, and non-integrated with a high-percentage of their money ending locked up in illiquid places. This makes for an inefficient financial plan and likely a major pay cut in retirement.  

Tim Streid and Dr. Mart McClellan are wealth strategists that make your money work for you. Founders of Macro Wealth Management, Tim and Mart work with proven strategies to prevent you from taking a pay cut in retirement with the objective of full income replacement. They built their business on evidence-based economic principles that have been shown to build wealth efficiently and with lower risk.

By taking their quiz, you will gain a better understanding of how your money is (or isn’t) working for you. Simply answer the following questions to receive your results and next steps for reaching full income replacement in retirement.

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