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The only financial team in America who use this unique financial system and have a dentist as an advisor.

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In 1997, Tim Streid was introduced to Dr. Mart McClellan through a recommendation Mart had received from one of his dental school classmates. Their first meeting could not have been more timely as Mart had recently received some advice from his then financial advisor that he was unsure about. The “new” advice actually conflicted with a recommendation and product that Mart had purchased from this same advisor several years earlier. As a result, Mart was not confident in what he should do.

Already an experienced financial advisor, Tim looked over the plan Mart’s advisor was proposing and found that the change he was suggesting was, in fact, not the best financial decision for Mart and his family. Instead, Mart discovered that the recommendation and product he had purchased from this same advisor only three years earlier was a much better option. Tim’s use of a “financial treatment plan” allowed Mart to clearly evaluate each of the financial options without the interjection of opinion or sales hype. As a result, Mart kept what he had originally purchased and fired the other advisor.

After their initial meeting, Tim became Mart’s financial advisor. Going forward they worked together through the stock market crashes of the dot-com era and 9/11. By the year of 2002, Mart noticed that many of his dental colleagues and friends had been negatively impacted financially from these situations, yet his financial life remained strong through it all. Mart knew that the one glaring difference between himself and his colleagues was that he had a “financial treatment plan” in his life during this time frame while his colleagues did not. Having experienced the value of having a “financial treatment plan” in his life first-hand, Mart was determined to share this financial information with the dental community. To accomplish this, Mart and Tim started speaking together and writing joint articles for national publications. Their message was well-received, and they then had the opportunity to lecture both nationally and internationally.

Macro Wealth Management was then started in 2004. Mart and Tim founded their firm with the mission of helping other dental and healthcare professionals craft plans that help them achieve their maximum financial wealth potential through the utilization of an economically-based financial model, called the financial treatment plan. They are passionate about showing their clients how to enjoy their wealth to the fullest both today as well as in the future and still achieve a full income replacement in retirement.

Education & Experience

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Timothy Streid

Timothy Streid holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Eastern Illinois University. He has over three decades of experience in the financial services industry, having worked as both a CPA and a financial advisor. Tim currently serves as president of Macro Wealth Management, alongside Mart. He and Mart founded Macro Wealth Management in order to meet the unique financial planning needs of dental and health professionals across the country.

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Mart McClellan, DDS, MS

Mart McClellan, DDS, MS earned his undergraduate degree from DePauw University. During his time at DePauw, he found his passion for dentistry while serving on mission trips to Kenya and Guatemala. He followed his passion and went on to complete his Doctor of Dental Surgery at Northwestern University Dental School and Master of Science in Orthodontics at the University of Michigan.

Since 2004, Dr. McClellan has served with Tim as a president of Macro Wealth Management. Mart brings a unique perspective to the firm because he is not only a financial advisor, but has also been a practicing orthodontist for over 25 years. He’s able to give advice to clients through the lens of personal experience as well as professional expertise.