How to Win The Fight For Your Money

We are in a fight for our money every day of our lives. What are we fighting for? Who are we fighting with? Most importantly, how do we win? Winning the fight for your money is the key to financial freedom and success, which will allow you to enjoy the maximum benefits from a maximum money supply throughout your life…even through retirement! Our approach to wealth management, retirement planning, and financial advising will help you do just that.


Acceleration vs. Accumulation

We are constantly fighting with the government, financial institutions, and corporations (three entities that we refer to as “the Rainmakers”) for control of our own money. In an effort to gain control of our money, the Rainmakers preach the principle of accumulation to consumers. They want you to put your money in one place and let it accumulate and compound over time. 

However, the Rainmakers do not live by the rules they put into place for consumers. Rather, they use the principle of acceleration, in which money is kept in motion, meaning each dollar has multiple uses and a rate of return—accelerating your wealth over time.


How does this affect me in retirement?

Most consumers buy into the principle of accumulation, and one of the biggest ways we accumulate money is by putting it in a retirement plan. When you put money into a retirement plan, such as a 401k, the Rainmakers gain control of a large block of your money for a long period of time. That money is locked in the retirement plan until you reach the age when you can take it out…and if you want to take it out before then, you will pay heavy fees. 

This brings us to another point to consider. The Rainmakers make all the rules for your retirement fund: the age of distribution, the type of taxes you have to pay, penalty rates, and more. These rules can change at any time. The age of distribution for your 401k could increase, or the taxes and penalties could be changed or bumped up. 


Winning the fight

With a proper plan and strategy, you can win the fight for your money. Our individualized Financial Treatment Plan helps you visualize and understand your finances so that you can be proactive, rather than reactive, with your financial decisions. This approach also helps you keep your money in motion so that you can get the most out of every dollar and accelerate your wealth. You can live without the fear of running out of money now or in the future, which is our definition of financial success.

We want to help you achieve financial success and freedom. Take the first step by taking our quick retirement readiness assessment, and visit the Macro Wealth website to get in touch. You can also learn more about how to position yourself for a stress-free retirement in our book, Your Retirement Smile.