The Pros of a Wealth Professional | Tim Streid & Dr. Mart McClellan

The Pros of a Wealth Professional

Michael Jordan did it all on his own. Same with Rocky Balboa. Serena Williams, too. Right?

Wrong. If you know anything about sports (or movies), you know these athletes only achieved what they did because they had a coach by their side helping them improve their game.

We believe experts like coaches are helpful in areas of life beyond sports. Actors, musicians, CEOs, and other high achievers often use professional services like coaches to help them reach their full potential.

As a dentist looking to grow your wealth and plan for retirement, you can benefit from a pro, too. Here’s why we believe it’s smart to work with a wealth professional.

Why DIY Doesn’t Work

Our clients are dentists so they’re smart people who’ve all earned an advanced degree in a difficult field. Many are also successful business owners, running their own practice. Because they’re so smart in certain areas, many feel certain they can figure this “money thing” out on their own without the help of a financial planner.

The fact is that between day-to-day work, running a business, continuing education, and enjoying some free time, most dentists don’t have the bandwidth to keep up on the latest in the financial world and tax law. Even fewer have the interest. So when they decide to manage their financial future all on their own, they’re making decisions and taking action based on incomplete or outdated information.

This is not the way to become wealthy and stay wealthy through retirement.

Advantages of Working with a Wealth Professional

We’re big fans of DIY when it comes to woodworking and painting; not so much when it comes to planning for your retirement. For that, we recommend having not just one pro in your corner, but several.

Depending on your situation, you may want an accountant, estate planning attorney, investment advisor, and other professional services provider on your team, all sharing valuable insights and ideas. Each of these experts knows more than any dentist could hope to learn in their free time as a DIYer, and they bring valuable experience to the table, too.

Bringing it all together is a macroadvisor. This is the pro who sees the big and connects all the dots. As macroadvisors, we help our clients sift through all the information and advice to develop a financial plan that’s right for them.

We All Need Help to Succeed

Would you tell a patient of yours to drill their own cavity? Or straighten their own teeth? Of course not! You’d advise them to find a skilled and experienced dentist.

The same is true for you when it comes to professional services like financial planning. Part of being successful is being able to recognize areas you could use some help in and getting that help, and for most people, that includes finances and retirement planning.

To learn more about macroadvisors and how to retire on 100% of your pre-retirement income, check out our book, Your Retirement Smile, or visit our website.